Voilà the new millennium Pin Up, the most loved Burlesque performer, not only by Italians!

Roxy Rose, italo-russian origins, introduces herself to you: a million faces woman with a body all curves, irresistible smile and velvety eyes. She’s a dancer, an actress, a model and, like a new Dorothy of the wizard of Oz, she brings you by hand into a 50s stile scenery, walking with you in a flashy way, making you live new, sexy, extraordinary adventures all the times.

Till now her performances are more than 300 in all Italy, from Aosta to Ragusa. You can admire her in a numberless variety of brilliant and kaleidoscopic acts. You can applaud her in each different dress that she puts on and in each role that she plays to excites all your secret fantasies. The classic, glamour Burlesque girl, sexy and provocative, multiplies in a versatile way her identity, playing different, amusing, sophisticate and self-ironic characters.

Roxy is:

  • "The Moscovian Kadril" moscovite duadriglia's dancer cheerful and knowing drags to her village festival.
  • "Magnific hunter" charming and dangerous tiger, beware of her nails!
  • "Beatiful Bird" exotic bird coming from far tropical lands charms with his wrapping and mellow song
  • "Samba.. rumba.. cha cha cha" warm and passionate carnival queen accompanied by overwhelming latin rhythms.
  • "Marilyn Monroe tribute" the most divine acting: Marilyn Monroe
  • The oriental odalisque that seduces you with the persuasive movement of her hips and the hypnotizer arabesque of her harms.
  • The sexy buccaneer that, as an able swordsman, swings her body on ships of audacious pirates of the Caribbean.
  • The “sway” queen of mambo that proceed with hips malicious and inviting strokes into a smoky dance hall.
  • The Mexican señorita with maracas and sombrero that swing her adorable curves into rumba notes, “Adiòs!”
  • The “doll” that flaps her false eyelashes, imitating the stile of one of the delicious misses sang by Fred Buscaglione.
  • The “balloon girl” rounded by colourful balloons that dress and undress her body at any prick of needle.
  • The “fan girl” that intrigues you with an amazing ostrich plume fan game following the real burlesque mood.
  • The vain Marie Antoinette, hungry for sweets and full of pastel colours.
  • The “lollypop girl”, taken in an astonishing whirl of rainbow lollipops.
  • The charming Marlene Dietrich, irresistible blue angel in her garters throughout a suggestive atmosphere that radiate sensuality.
  • The enchanting and fascinating little fairy.
  • The circus tamer of a funny band of felt animals.
  • The sexy tsarina, burning ice.
  • The innocent but provocative snow queen.
  • The delicious pin up version of Santa Claus, in a sexy Christmas atmosphere to the music of “Santa Baby”.
  • The joyful and playful Candy Girl, among candyfloss and colourful sweets.
  • The blameless young bride running away from the altar scared by the wedding vow.
  • The carefree “flapper girl”, smoking and drinking whisky to the rhythm of Charleston.
  • The “Pink Lady” all bows and laces, rounded by make ups and toys, coming to grips with a huge powder.
Every of these acts tells a story in which she’s the main character. Because of her sophisticate self-irony and her enchanting smile, you will surely adore her even before the end of the show... Among glitter and ostrich plumes, she will involve you in the feminine whirl of another period but eternally fascinating!
Funny and sexy at the same time, she represents every role of your erotic fantasies, precious pearl in a huge and delicious oyster. She will seduce you with her simplicity and her costumes and accessories, completely created and made by her hands.
The Pin up lady that enchant with her spectacular dress, her sparkling pasties, her super feminine, astonishing, original high-heeled shoes. Her irresistible but accessible charm makes of her the perfect model for the most well-known photographers and for various dressmaker’s, with whom she permanently collaborates.